Corporate Social Responsibility

At Desert Group we believe in not only being part of a community but rather creating and building a community where people can flourish. We believe that everyone has potential and skills no matter who you are or where you come from. It is this philosophy that drove us to initiate a Corporate Social Responsibility program that aims to provide a harmonious working environment where people with special needs can unleash their potential and succeed.

This initiative was started in 2003 in the Desert Group Nursery, but has been so successful that it has been implemented throughout the whole Group, providing staff a wider variety of opportunities to grow and learn within a safe and caring environment, giving them the same equal opportunities and benefits as everyone else in the organisation. This initiative now forms part of the Desert Group strategic plan by continuing to support and provide employment for Special Needs people.

We are committed to helping them reach their full potential and endeavour wherever possible, to place staff members in a role best suited to their interests, whether it be in the Garden Centre, the administration department, or the Nursery. We are continually introducing new learning programs such as computer courses and other skillsets including Leadership, Teamwork and Communication skills which will not only aid the employees in their present role at Desert Group, but will offer them beneficial tools to use for the rest of their lives.

To ensure that we set high professional standards of care and well being, we have a dedicated, fully qualified supervisor who is always on hand to lend support and offer guidance whenever needed so that they are assured of reaching the goals and targets put in place.

"Enable is about the intentional building of relationships with society, creating value through gainful employment, where difference is welcomed and all benefit."
Michael Mascarenhas, CEO Desert Group

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