Gardeners POTTING soil and grow bag
To keep our environment clean, the team is continually working to develop new methods to control insects and diseases through organic methods.
DOFP - Potting Soil

The Potting Soil Factory was established at a time when the UAE municipalities enforced the ban on imported organic compost due to the high incident of pests and disease contained within these products. Potting soil, also known as potting mix or potting compost, is a medium for growing plants, herbs and vegetables. It is sterilized, in order to avoid the spread of weeds and plant-borne diseases. Desert Group has a large blending and packaging factory set up and supplies its mix both in a retail and wholesale format.

We have since expanded our range of potting soil to include agricultural grow bags and bulk supply to the horticultural industry. The addition of crushing machines to our production process has enabled us to take greater advantage of compressed coir peat blocks to reduce costs and increase volume of production. Our trademark purple bags can now be seen for sale in virtually all nursery outlets in the UAE.

Types of Potting Soil
  • Gardener’s Planting Mix 1 - Plants
  • Gardener’s Mix 2 - Fruit & Vegetables
  • Gardener’s Mix 3 - Grow Bag for agricultural crops
  • Custom pack for other Retailers

General Purpose Potting Soil


Soil for Vegetable Cultivation


Soil for Palms


Gardeners Potting Soil

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