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Achieving sustainability for the initiative and for the determined ones by adopting the social enterprise model.

Enable is a social enterprise based in Dubai. Enable proved its success to provide an alternative option to employment; entrepreneurship.

Through Enable we have found that we can develop skills that can enable individuals to start their own Startups by a SME Basic Retail Rehab Program. The program takes the trainee through basic retail framework; product development, merchandising, supply management, consumer engagement to finally make a sale!

A model that funds itself; 100% of the revenues is injected back to the unit to grow and branch out. 15% of each product made goes back to the young talents as part of the SME retail rehab program

9 high performer out of the 25 are transferred to Enable to develop skills that would sustain their lives if they wished to start their own trade. Enable operates as an SME incubator. The goal is to 100% sustainability is to transfer all the 25.

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