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Desert Group Services

Our services provide numerous environmental, social, emotional and physical benefits. We design, landscape, build and manage golf courses, provide a par excellence maintenance services, grow and supply biological assets and provide a range of services centered around water, green and sustainability.

Dubai Creek Landscape constructed by Desert Group


Design, Construction, Refurbishment & Maintenance

Landscape Architectural Design by Desert INK

Landscape Design

The team have become synonymous with creative problem solving, sustainable landscape design and the use of native plants in our landscapes.


Our passion for plants as well as a holistic approach to landscaping is what energizes our teams to create a balanced and beautiful environment that injects both color and life into private, public and commercial spheres of the UAE.

Blue Water Footpath Paving constructed by Desert Group
Dubai hills golf course constructed by Desert Group

Golf Course

We pride ourselves on our solid Golf Construction experience and thrive on working together closely with the best golf designers worldwide to turn their visions into reality – whether through new construction or improving through refurbishing an existing course.

Pool & Waterscape

As the leading water specialist contractor in the UAE, Desert Leisure provides comprehensive landscape solutions from concept design to construction and maintenance that includes swimming pools & water features.

Private Villa Pool, Constructed by Desert Leisure Swimming Pools
Landscape maintenance carried out at Madinat Jumeirah

Landscape Maintenance

We provide quality driven bespoke maintenance services to our customers. Our customer needs come first, and our business model revolves around the customer.

Turfcare Maintenance

Specializing in football pitch, polo fields and golf course maintenance and consultancy, delivering an international standard service.

Dubai 7s Rugby Pitch, Constructed by Desert Turfcare

Plant, Soil, Fertilizer & Garden Centre

Adaptive plant nursery, Wahat Al Sahraa

Plant Nursery

We have an experienced team of personnel skilled in the science of both nursery work and horticulture who are constantly involved in trialling new species to ensure their ability to thrive in the arid conditions of the gulf region.

Garden Centre

Dubai Garden Centre is a sub-brand of Desert Group, first established in 2004 to add value to our landscape business by providing customers with plants, flowers & pots of their choice.

Pot water feature in Dubai Garden Centre
Desert Energy Fertilizer & Chemicals

Soil & Fertilizer

DOFP is a manufacturing company, produces various potting substrates, Granular fertilizer, Water Soluble powder fertilizer, Slow release fertilizer, Controlled release fertilizer, liquid fertilizer and custom blend fertilizer.

Enable & Trading

Drainage products in Desert Turfcare General Trading


We have a range of landscaping products that include soft landscape, hardscape, swimming pool & water feature equipment, indoor & outdoor plants and pots, streetscapes & kids play equipment, special needs and services (AMC, installation & rental).


Enable is a social enterprise that empowers PWD by delivering entrepreneurial skills that offers a range of quality home & garden products assembled by well-trained special stars.

Corporate gifts made by Enable