Advantages of the Design – Build Approach with Desert Group

Desert Landscape is both a landscape architecture firm & a landscape construction firm that is owned and manage by Desert Group. We build what we design. Our architects are well-versed in construction, and our construction workers are well-versed in design. This design-build approach to landscape architecture results in considerable efficiencies for the customer. The best landscaping company Desert Group believes that the design-build approach is beneficial to the client as we would be responsible for every aspect of the project.

Creative Partnership & Quality Control:

The design – build approach to landscape architects starts by working closely with clients to meet their requirements and build their dream landscapes in their villas and palace. Desert Landscape being the top landscaping company in UAE, we follow the design-build approach where everyone works together for a shared purpose of standards from day one until project completion. High-level communication and quality control are Desert Group’s core elements that we follow. This is a big benefit for the customer, and there are several more to consider.

Budget Efficiency:

To ensure that the selected builder has a detailed explanation of how a design is meant to be implemented, a design-only landscape architecture company must generate several pages of finely drawn building details. Because our construction workers work with the same group of landscape architects every day, they don’t require all those specific parts. Desert Group has professional landscape architects in Abu Dhabi, Al Ain and Dubai working that are out in the field, checking up with crews. The customer benefits because the budget funds saved by reducing the requirement for construction documentation may be used elsewhere in the project.

On Budget and On Time:

The more parties there are, the greater the possibility of misunderstanding. If anything does not appear to operate according to the design, especially during building, there is the possibility of delays, unanticipated costs, and conflict.

That is one way the design-bid-build process may be difficult for the client: When a glitch occurs in the process, someone must accept responsibility and pay the upcharges.

One the many reasons why Desert Group’s landscaping division uses a design-build way for all landscaping works in UAE is because this does not occur. If we claim we are going to install 15 garden stairs but end up needing 17, we own it. We take care of it at no extra charge because we told the client we would.

Best Material at Best Price:

A design-only landscape architecture firm may specify a particular tree or type of stone in their design only to find out weeks later that these materials are unavailable—or that the price has changed significantly.

Our teams at Desert Group are in touch with the current costs of plant stock and materials because our landscape architects and garden managers order plants and materials every week. Our sister company Wahat Al Sahraa Nursery – the largest plant nursery in UAE owned and managed by Desert Group stocks up to 4000 varieties of plants and trees giving us an upper hand in the market for tree sourcing. We know what materials work best, what is available from our vendors, and when there is excess stock that may result in discounts to be passed on to the client.

As you can see by now, the homeowner receives many benefits due to the way we work. There certainly are landscape design firms that follow a design-build model, but few residential and commercial landscape architecture firms do so. That’s the ultimate benefit to you and your project. With professional landscape architects like Desert Landscape, your project benefits from the formal training and a broader range of capabilities of a registered landscape architect who will design and oversee the construction of your landscaping project.

Get in touch with us at Desert Group if you’d like to find out how we can help you to realize your landscape designs in UAE.