Desert Group and Olmix Group introduces new eco-friendly products to help producers throughout the region.

Desert Energy, the fertilizer producing division of Desert Group works closely with their customers to find solutions to challenges faced in maintaining a healthy plant in the harsh conditions of UAE and the region.

An Olmix Group product – Marathon organo-mineral fertilizer was introduced in the UAE markets with through Desert Group. During this period the brand gained customer trust due to the outstanding results achieved using Marathon which is formulated with the patented XSER and SEATECH technology.  

Due to increased demand for environmentally friendly products and as part of our responsibility toward having a sustainable planet, Desert Group has now introduced a new product to its organic based product portfolio – Melgreen Seaweed by Olmix Group. As a pioneer in the development of algae-based solutions, Olmix Group handles the entire algae harvesting and processing operations, ensuring availability of fresh raw materials, and guaranteed quality and processing efficiency.

Desert Group constructs and maintains many a turf covered field and golf courses in the region and makes sure that the turf and landscape is always in an immaculate condition. With the quality nutrition of Marathon organo-mineral long release fertilizers the quality and resilience of the turf can be greatly enhanced and in a sustainable way.

Melgreen will be supplied through Desert Group to many golf courses and turf fields across the country. Through this agreement, these ranges will be also available in Saudi Arabia, where they will be exclusively marketed by Desert Group to continue the success story with this innovative brand throughout our region. Talk to us for a range of turf related solutions