We provides innovative sustainable solutions with products and services that are affordable.

We have a range of landscaping products that include soft landscape, hardscape, swimming pool & water feature equipment, streetscapes,  kids play equipment & special needs and services.

Tactile paving in Desert Turfcare General Trading

As Desert Turfcare General Trading, we are constantly adding new products to our portfolio and are greatful for the support we receive from our clients.

​Our committed, qualified and experienced staff are customer service focused to ensure that our clients attain total satisfaction, resulting in a continuous, long lasting relationship.

We believe in embracing every possible advantage that modern technology offer, to enrich our surroundings. From exotic and sophisticated products to basic planters we have our presence firm in every realm of trading. We are customer-focused, keen to identify the gaps in the market and come up with new products and services. The range of our products is a testimony to the commitment Desert General Trading shows towards enhancing lives.

Product Categories​

Drainage products in Desert Turfcare General Trading

Soft Landscape

Hardscape in a private villa constructed by Desert Group

Hard Landscape

Street furniture in Desert Turfcare General Trading


Special need kids play area and play equipments by Desert Turfcare General Trading

Kids Play Equipment & Sports Accessories

Swimming pool products in Desert Turfcare General Trading

Pool Products

Tactile paving in Desert Turfcare General Trading

Special Need Products

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